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International Competitiveness

Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan pointed out that Taiwan's resources will seek the best niche and will inevitably flow across borders to the most competitive countries or regions in the trend of globalization. The core connotation of competition has changed from traditional "physical strength" competition to "brain power" competition. In other words, the competition of national power in the new century is the competition of quality, creativity and speed, rather than the traditional competition of price and quantity. Accordingly, the college has become the main body of planning and design education of NCKU, and at the same time, it is developing towards internationalization. In addition to integrating teaching and research resources, and become the main body of the College of Planning and Design eductaion, and develop in the direction of internationalization at the same time. With the development trend of globalization, the College of Planning and Design will take the goal of teaching and research to create a high-quality and comfortable living environment, and hope to cultivate professional planning and design talents through a complete curriculum of humanities, technology, and aesthetic design, and improve international competitiveness. Meanwhile, we pursue integrated innovative knowledge and use modern technology to create a better and sustainable living environment for human beings.

Core Value

According to the current situation and core philosophy of the College, in order to achieve sustainability, creativity, and wisdom, the College will actively cooperate with other university and industry. In addition to specially invited foreign experts and scholars to give lectures, we are also invited them to participate in cooperative research projects. Through the experimental platform of the future smart-living experimental body, experts and scholars from different fields jointly develop creative living technology, and carry out international cooperation projects with the international top creative institutions.