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Institute of Creative Industries Design

The Creative Industries (CI) are rooted in the creativity, skills, and talents of people. Through generation and exploitation of intellectual property, the creative industries have great potential for wealth and job creation. The scope of creative industries includes visual arts, music and performing arts, cultural production development, arts and crafts, film, television and broadcasting, publishing, advertising, design, digital entertainment, fashion, branding, creative lifestyle, architecture, etc. In order to meet the industrial ideology of the 21st century and seize new opportunities, Institute of Creative Industry Design (ICID) employs interdisciplinary experts in various professional fields to engage in multifaceted research.


Institute of Creative Industry Design (ICID) is a graduate department within the College of Planning and Design at National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan. While ICID has its roots in industrial design, it transitioned from being product-oriented to emphasizing a combination of industrial planning and enterprise innovation with a core focus on design alongside products and services. Strategic management and modern technology can develop the economic success of creative works.All classes are taught in English and feature a diverse cohort of students from various academic backgrounds and research interests to develop cross-disciplinary creative industries research.For more details on course content and ICID’s three programs, please read more in the Curriculum section.

Institute of Creative Industries Design

National Cheng Kung University



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