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Department of Urban Planning

One of the indispensable professions of urban planner is to plan their neighborhoods, communities, urban and rural areas, metropolitan areas, regional and territorial environment in order to lead the development of cities toward more sustainable ways. Since 1950, there has been increasing demand for urban planners who have the ability to deal with rapid urbanization and environmental development. Therefore, experts from Taiwan in the United Nations Association strongly recommended that the establishment of Department of Urban Planning in the National Cheng Kung University. The undergraduate program of Department of Urban Planning was build at first in 1971. The Master program was established in 1987, aiming at planning and design professional diversion to face difficult challenges of the environment planning, spatial planning and designing. In 1994, PhD program was established, encouraging people who hold a Master’s degree in related fields such as urban planning, construction, land administration, civil engineering, environmental, and social sciences, etc to engage in. The goal of the department is to become the top planning department and the only one which provides complete degree programs in Taiwan.


The department aims to train talents in planning field for urban development by efficiently allocating human activities over the urban and rural areas. The new department building was constructed in October 1996. Within the new building, there are sufficient spaces for researches, student training and also the administration affairs, such as the GIS laboratory, computer laboratory, and auditorium…etc. With the multi-talented faculties and well-equipped facilities, the department provides a full environment for studying urban planning.

Department of Urban Planning

National Cheng Kung University



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