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History and Features

On August 1, 2003, the Department of Architecture, Department of Urban Planning, and the Department of Industrial Design, originally located in the College of Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, established the College of Planning and Design in accordance with the adjustment of the school organization. A Survey of domestic comprehensive national universities in Taiwan, NCKU is the only one with a college of planning and design.

Looking back on past developments, the Department of Architecture is the oldest department in Taiwan's architecture-related departments. It was established in 1944 during the Tainan Higher Technical School. Since 1947, during the Taiwan Provincial Institute of Technology, it has been restructured into the Department of Architectural Engineering, which is basically oriented towards engineering practice. With the change of time, a master's degree was established in 1968, and the name was changed to the Department of Architecture in 1970, with engineering practice and design. After setting up a doctoral degree in 1991, in addition to design and engineering practice, research and development were also considered. The Department of Urban Planning was established in 1971. It is the earliest established Department of Urban Planning in Taiwan. It established a master's degree in 1987 and a doctoral degree in 1994. Department of Industrial Design Established in 1973, it is the earliest department of industrial design in Taiwan. In 1991, in order to cooperate with the development of the national economy and construction, improve the quality of product design, a master's degree was established, and a doctoral degree was established in 2000. In 2003, the Ministry of Education set up a teaching resource center for lifestyle products design strategy alliance in our college, combined with the industry and domestic related department, and formed alliances with well-known international institutions to cultivate outstanding design talents. The Institute of Creative Industries Design was established in 2006. It is the first research institute of this type in Taiwan. In order to support the 2006 national key development plan and the plan of becoming a world-class university, it also set up doctoral and master's degrees pioneer. In 2014, a new master's degree program in technology and art was set up. In conjunction with the policy of curriculum division of the Ministry of Education, the teaching innovation strategy of this course is mainly based on practical courses, supplemented by classroom lectures. This innovative teaching model will break the traditional teaching method based on memory, deduction, and examination, and change it to a practical learning method, which will greatly improve students' analysis and comprehensive ability.

About the College

Our teaching and research emphasizes the practical application of academics, including the planning and design of space and environment of different scales, as well as the research and development and design of various daily necessities. The basic academic foundation of each department is based on the comprehensive academic theories of science, engineering, medicine, management, and humanities and social sciences established by the principal of the university over the years.

Compared with other domestic comprehensive universities with international competition potential, this College is lacking in other universities. The integrated College is located in the NCKU Kuang-fu campus and surrounds the famous Banyan Garden. High-quality campus environment, located in the ancient cultural capital, Kaohsiung, an industrial town adjacent to the south, Tainan Science Park and Science and Technology Industrial Park in the north, and surrounding traditional industries, foster a strong academic atmosphere. Just as other top universities in the world are located in cities with historical and cultural characteristics, the College has also cultivated many elites in Taiwan's planning and design fields.


The College of Planning and Design includes the Department of Architecture, the Department of Urban Planning, the Department of Industrial Design, and Institute of Creative Industries Design. The three departments of the college have bachelor, master, and doctoral programs, and the institute has master and doctoral programs. The Master Program on Techno Art was set up in 2014. The College of Planning and Design has a complete academic system and a wide range of research fields in Taiwan.

The College of Planning and Design has many committees. There are college affairs conferences, college teacher evaluation committees, college affairs development committees, college curriculum committees, and college library space committees, etc.,  which are responsible for formulating, reviewing regulations, and making College development plan.

Successive Deans


August 2021 to present

Chien-Hsu Chen - Dept. of Industrial Design


August 2018 to July 2021

Tay-Sheng Jeng - Dept. of Architecture


August 2015 to July 2018

Fong-Gong Wu - Dept. of Industrial Design


August 2009 to July 2015

Feng-Tyan Lin - Dept. of Urban Planning


August 2003 to July 2009

Min-fu Hsu - Dept. of Architecture